Fashion is an incredible form of art and self-expression, and the power of change is in our hands.
We can design new ways of producing and consuming fashion that excites and inspire without causing irreversible damage to people and the environment.

Repurpose Fabrics

The fashion and textile industry is one of the major polluters in the world. Fast fashion is leading to a mountain of clothing & fabric being thrown away by brands and consumers daily, having a disastrous impact on the environment and the future.

Our solution? We only reproduce items with leftover deadstock fabric and offcuts that would otherwise be destined for landfill. With limited quantities of each kind; this makes each MONO piece a few of a kind. All while helping to swerve the problem of new materials being produced - and wasted.


The norm in fashion is to manufacture as much as you can all at once to reduce costs.

All MONO garments are responsibly handmade to order, a sustainable production method to combat this fast fashion process. This slower approach to design means that waste is drastically reduced, and the products are consciously created only when they are wanted.


MONO design is inspired by the timeless concept of “less is more” - minimalism is the ticket to pulling this look off. So we design minimalistic pieces that will outlast trends and complement your personality without overpowering your individuality.

What we love about a minimalistic wardrobe is that it can easily take on a new mood by introducing subtle details and texture. Whether your day is more about practicality, functionality, or even escapism, minimalism can help you dress for any of those occasions but doing it in a way that isn’t compromising something else.

Natural and breathable fabrics are the ingredients of MONO clothes that allow you to feel uninhibited and free.