At MONO Handmade, we have a simple philosophy: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment.


• To upcycle deadstock fabrics for all our garments to prevent further landfill waste
• To source sustainable fabrics from renewable resources and with the lowest environmental impact
• To handpick materials based on their quality to undertake a slow fashion approach

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What is Slow Fashion?

MONO Handmade supports the slow fashion movement. We strive to deliver ethical collections using only deadstock fabrics; everything is produced on a small scale and in limited edition. We will only reproduce items with leftover deadstock fabric and offcuts that would otherwise be destined for landfill - or worse. Though there are thousands of yards of deadstock in general, there are limited quantities of each kind; making each piece a few of a kind. This exclusivity not only makes each MONO piece unique and precious; they’re also helping to swerve the problem of new materials being produced - and wasted. That is what we believe to be truly special about our garments.

With a focus on handpicking deadstock fabrics based on their quality, we aim to create thoughtful pieces that are designed to last.

Growing up in the countryside of New Zealand, I was ingrained with a deep respect for my natural surroundings from early on. Consequently, the choice was simple for me to take sustainability into my own hands; to create pieces with an eco-conscious approach. We’re proud to upcycle deadstock fabrics for all our garments; allowing us to divert material waste from landfill and to give them a new purpose.

We’re not perfect, but we will continuously work towards making improvements. Living with the future in mind, we believe a difference can be made within the fashion industry and we’re committed to a change for the better. Thanks for taking part in this journey with us at MONO Handmade.

xx Mima