At MONO, we love to celebrate the talented work of our photographers, models & artists.

Photographer: Manelle Rose |
Model: Andrés Quigüa | @kingofmongols

Photos shot by Manelle
Andrés wears Masterton Set (Oatmeal Linen)

Male model relaxing on grass wearing beige linen mens shirt and shorts set

"I grew up in a valley in Colombia surrounded by one hundred hills.
Dotted with cows and horses, and ferns and mandarin trees. I was far enough from all the noise of the city and aware that any hills I left unclimbed would ever think of me again.

My friend MONO Handmade knows my love for the countryside and a good story. So she handmade this set using up cycled linen, and sewed in buttons from a small farm town called Masterson in New Zealand, where she grew up.

Now everywhere I bring MONO Handmade, I'm bringing a memory of childhood, cows, hills, and country."
- Andrés | @kingofmongols