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For Keri (Zyra Pant + Bucket Hats)


Product details

Unisex Short Sleeve & Button-Down Shirt

• Material: 100% Linen

• Details: Relaxed-fit, short sleeve shirt with button-down front design

• Model wears size L




*Size chart is only to be used as a guideline


All MONO Handmade garments are responsibly handmade to order. 
Please note that it can take up to one week for production + as per Japan post shipment time.

Email us directly for further queries -

Garment care

Hand wash- Using cold water, hand-wash with your choice of eco-friendly detergent.

Machine wash- We recommend a cold-wash cycle to reduce your carbon footprint and to avoid shrinking or colour fading.

Flat dry / Air dry- Lay flat or hang to dry. Sunshine is good for your garments rather than drying in a machine.

Iron- We recommend ironing your pieces while it’s still damp from the wash to easily remove creases. Another alternative is to spray water, then iron. Be sure to iron inside-out of the fabric whenever possible (especially darker fabrics) to avoid shine and iron marks.

Guy wearing bucket hat in olive green corduroy fabric.


“For him and her, this unisex shirt checks all the boxes. Wear the all-natural linen through the seasons with ease & comfort.”