The fashion and textile industry is one of the major polluters in the world. Fast fashion is leading to a mountain of clothing being thrown away by brands and consumers daily, having a disastrous impact on the environment and the future.  

While we continue to develop our sustainable practices, there are many ways you can also follow to extend the life of your wardrobe with your MONO pieces. We are passionate about inspiring a better culture of care for your clothes: If we each dedicate to these small changes, we can save our Mother Earth one garment at a time.

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Garment Care

Hand wash - Using cold water, hand-wash with your choice of eco-friendly detergent.

Machine wash - We recommend a cold-wash cycle to reduce your carbon footprint and to avoid shrinking or colour fading.

Flat dry / Air dry - Lay flat or hang to dry. Sunshine is good for your garments rather than drying in a machine.

Iron - We recommend ironing your pieces while it’s still damp from the wash to easily remove creases. Another alternative is to spray water, then iron. Be sure to iron inside-out of the fabric whenever possible (especially darker fabrics) to avoid shine and iron marks.

How to pass on your MONO pieces

We support the slow fashion movement and are committed to circular design principles. Our pieces are designed to last, to keep them in the fashion loop and active fashion service for as long as possible - and certainly out of landfill. Here are ways to pass on your pre-loved MONO pieces to give them a second life. 

Resell - There are tons of online resale sites, such as Depop & Poshmark where you can sell your pre-loved items. 

Swap - Join a clothing swap between friends, family, and neighbours.

Give - Sometimes the best way to pass on our pre-loved clothes is to simply gift them to a friend or family member, or donate to your local charity. Let’s inspire, educate and encourage others to make more conscious decisions as a consumer.