Meet our friend, Chris Miyashiro, an artist, storyteller & film maker.

In this collection, we created unisex pants designed with Chris' hand carved & block printed art.

2.0 Collection | NOW AVAILABLE


Unisex Pants Collection

In this collaboration, we wanted to create a collection designed for everyone - unisex & one size fits all.

Each pair is uniquely its own,
featuring Chris' hand carved & block printed artwork, representing stories of place & exploration.

Collection 2.0

Available in store at ARVO | At Salt Kaka'ako

Collection 2.0 | Second batch of Unisex Pants with the addition of Chris' artwork in patches & pockets.

Craft. It’s the process of turning the spark of an idea into something tangible. This project was special, combining our handmade + handprint skills allowed us to create something beautiful & unique.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased & supported our work!
We can’t wait to create more.

Mahalo & Kia Ora